USA Buying Guide

USA Buying Guide

Some people dream of moving to America because of its warm, easygoing people and the more relaxed life style. Either that or, for the working person, it is perceived as the land of opportunity, the land where wishes and ambitions are fulfilled. Entrepreneurial business people find plenty of opportunities in the States, and what many Brits also find so appealing about moving to the USA is that there are few language barriers or major cultural differences. This makes an enormous difference business-wise or for people thinking of moving with children as schooling will not be a major upheaval for them.

America is a massive country, especially when compared to the UK. To put it into perspective, the States are more than twice the size of the entire European Union. There are fifty states; forty- eight of them are in one large land mass located between Canada and Mexico and the other two, Alaska and Hawaii, are separate. Alaska is at the North West corner of Canada, and Hawaii is a series of islands located in the south Pacific.

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