Ireland Buying Guide

Ireland Buying Guide

There’s a distinct charm about the Emerald Isle, one that many British people fall in love with and Irish people, including those living abroad, never fall out of love with. The rustic lifestyle and deep-rooted, colourful culture are perhaps the key ingredients to its magical appeal, helped along these days by very affordable property.

Wherever you decide to buy in Ireland, you’ll never be far from stunning natural scenery and water – whether it’s a river, canal, lake or the sea – and a village with a cheerful pub or two. Amid the ancient castles and cosy stone farmhouses, Ireland’s countryside offers the perfect environment for outdoor pursuits, including golf, fishing, horse-riding and sailing along its coastline.

Ireland has always offered a very appealing lifestyle, but now that property prices are depressed, that lifestyle has become even more accessible. Since the start of 2012 there has been a resurgence in the number of people from the UK buying property in Ireland. These buyers include British people who enjoy holidays there, Irish migrants who are returning home, people born in the UK who have Irish parents or ancestry, so have an affinity for the country, and lastly pure investors. The feeling that property values in Ireland cannot get much lower, after the country suffered one of the heaviest market crashes in modern European history, combined with the exchange rate swinging back in favour of Sterling during 2012 – although this could change – have prompted this increased interest in Irish property.

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