Bulgaria Buying Guide

Bulgaria Buying Guide

Perhaps the most appealing feature of buying property in Bulgaria is the value for money aspect. Property prices, although rising, are incredibly cheap. Bulgaria is full of stunning scenery and has a wonderful climate, and mountain views are all around. It is home to winter sports such as skiing and the mountains make this a real tourist attraction.

The weather is a mixed bag in Bulgaria; you can expect to see a range of different weather patterns, depending on where in the country you are. Inland the weather is more continental, with cold winters and snow, but the summer is sure to be hot and humid. The coastal regions are more temperate, and you will see mild autumns, cooler winters, mild spring times and warm, carefree summers.

Whilst the cost of living is attractive, you need to keep aware of the way the culture works in Bulgaria, for example when it comes to buying land; ethics are very different in Bulgaria, and things which may be frowned upon or seen as wrong in the UK, are viewed very differently in Bulgaria and is a part of their day to day culture. It’s definitely a good idea to do your research before you go, or get in touch with ex-pats who live there now to get a feel for the way the country is run.

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